Virtual Try-on

Our virtual 3D try -on technology allows customers to see themselves in eye wear in 180’ angle with stunning realism. Showcase a frame catalogue on your website and offer virtual try on

Inventory Customisation

Expand the frame selection using a virtual inventory to support all types of customers. Streamline the eyewear selection by bringing the right pair of glasses to the customer. Expand your frame offering with virtual inventory to capture more sales.

Facial Analysis

Our facial analysis technology scans detects and analyzes the customer’s facial shape, features, skin tone, eyewear and more. Based on the facial analysis and preferences, makes eyewear selection faster, effective and fun.

Social Connections

Show your customers their favorite pairs, click the picture of it and enable them to share it to their friends and family members via Mail and all social media. Drive back traffic to your website and make buying eyewear interactive and fun.