With the growing trend towards online shopping, the Eyewear Industry is not limited to this trend. With the growing Young population in countries like India , Bangladesh to Advanced developed countries like the U.S, U.K, Online shopping has become the part and parcel of life. In order to know why online eyewear shopping is booming, we need to understand what influences the people of that country to go for online eyewear shopping.

For better understanding , Let’s get through what influences shoppers from each country to go for online eyewear shopping.


E-commerce is powering through as the primary form of online shopping in India, which is why many eyewear retailers and brands have their own websites. This is due to Major population moving towards UPI Transaction. This is so evident from the fact that the number of merchants accepting them has increased to over 10 millions in a short span of two to three years.The growing number of internet users in India increasingly prefer digital.UPI payments are expected to account for 50 % of digital payments by March 2023.

Getting deeper with the facts, An average indian spends $126 on eyewear shopping online. 4.9 average eyewear purchase made every month through online. Since most of the eyewear retailers accept Cash on delivery and easy returns which is famous in India this helps retailers to grow their business online.


There are other factors which Indians are least bothered about.



American consumers represent one of the largest and most developed e-commerce markets and their values may be reflection of a saturated eyewear industry with many trusted options. American tend to identify as Deal seekers, behind every eyewear purchase they make, they’ll look for free shipping. On An average Americans Spend $152 on eyewear online shopping and 4.5 average eyewear purchase made every month online.When it comes to eye wear purchase Americans choices and preferences and choices are unique unlike other people . And also we will see what influences least for online eyewear shopping,



With robust infrastructure and a history of high consumer confidence , U.K boasts the second largest e-commerce in the world. When it comes to eyewear shopping U.K shoppers are more concerned about customs, taxes and shipping time.On An average U.K Shoppers Spend $175 on eyewear online shopping and 5.6 average eyewear purchase made every month online.While U.K Consumer habits are related to their U.S Counterparts they are more inclined to buy from same store twice. U.K consumers preferences on eyewear shopping is unique unlike other countries, Let’s have a look at their preferences and their least bothered .



Brazilian Consumers enjoy the most details of online eyewear shopping as they valued product specs and information more than any other market in the study. They also claim to take the most amount of time researching online before making eyewear purchases. Brazilian Shoppers Spend $152 on eyewear online shopping and 4.5 average eyewear purchases made every month online.Brazilian value product review from other customers nearly twice as much as shoppers in the U.s or U.K.The most influential and less influential factors on eyewear purchase to brazilian consumers are


With the growing demand for E-commerce Eyewear, Some wear it for trend and for others its essential . However People started moving to online to satisfy all their basic needs, When people could get everything in a single touch with more offers and deals , that's the driving factor to buy eyewear online rather than from the retail store.