Virtual Try-on

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Make your customers online eyewear shopping experience Interactive and fun.


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What Sets OICAPPS Solution Apart ?


Maintain Your Competitive Edge

  • Empower your Optical Online business using Virtual Try -on.
  • Stand out from the competition by moving your business towards the Digital Era.
  • Stay ahead or show the uniqueness of your shop from your competitors by embracing technology
  • Be a pioneer in e-commerce by integrating Try-on to your website, to maintain your competitive edge.
  • Give your customers a whole a lot new shopping experience like never before

Improve Customer Experience

  • Allow your customers to virtually Try -on frames as if they are in front of a regular mirror
  • Customers can discover, share and compare with greater interactivity than ever before.
  • Enrich your customers buying experience by helping them find the perfect frame.
  • Use technology to provide an innovative shopping experience to customers
  • Sway your customers Eyewear Purchasing decision by providing them seamless try-on experience

Reduce Return Rate

  • Improve your business’s impact, and reap the rewards of an improved conversion rate and reduced rate of product returns.
  • Try on stimulations minimize product returns, especially for online sales.
  • Expand Your customer base, to drive conversion and to reduce product return rates
  • Reduce your sunk inventory by Customising your inventory
  • Showcase your frame catalog online and offer virtual try on

Increase Profitability

  • Increase the purchasing rate by providing trail experience online.
  • Increase the average conversion rate of 40 % resulting in additional profits.
  • Attract new customers to your website and increase your web traffic.
  • Make your customers to purchase one or more products by engaging them using Try-on.
  • Meet the demand for all type of customers by providing all the frames catalog to prevent loss of sale